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Zombie Killers

Zombie Killers Cast

The Zombie Killer - Faruk Gumus

Justin Zimmerman .... Justin

Faruk Gumus .... Faruk

Cast (principal cast and key production credits)
Justin Zimmerman .... Justin
Faruk Gumus .... Faruk
Elisa Cane .... Helen

Featured Zombies
Jesse Zimmerman .... Doorway Zombie
Chris Williams .... Football Zombie
Bruno Cane .... Laughing Zombie
Scott Reid .... Limping Zombie
Mike Ouchachov .... Tray Zombie
Sukhvinder Manku .... Super Zombie
Mark Simms .... Bandaged Zombie
Andrei Volintiru .... General Zombie
Wesley Simms .... Boxing Zombie

Zombies/Dead Bodies
Andrei Volintiru
Bruno Cane
Chris Williams
Hassan Osman
Irene Punchak
Wesley Simms


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