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Zombie Killers

Director Paul Nguyen

The Zombie Killer - Faruk Gumus


Birthday: 02/23/80
Location: Toronto, Canada
School: York University Film Major and Martial Arts Choreographer

Brief bio:

Co-founder of PVE Motion Pictures Entertainment Canada with music video
producer/director Mark Simms, Paul Nguyen began filmmaking at the early
age of 14. Initially directing action-genre films, he soon became highly
interested in zombie films, especially due to George A. Romero's classic
'Dawn of the Dead'.

Having already made over hundreds of various other video productions,
Paul Nguyen has received numerous awards and accolades, most notably
being one of the top ten national winners across Canada in the 1999 Much Music
Stop Racism Video Competition.

Using his tremendous background experience in martial-arts and action
choreography, he sought out to produce the exciting action-oriented
horror spectacle- Zombie Killers.

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