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Zombie Killers

Documentary Pics

The Zombie Killer - Faruk Gumus

Still pictures from the Zombie Killers one-hour behind-the-scenes documentary video. Please wait, while page loads.

Director Paul Nguyen in the editing studio. Do we really need all of these tv's? Actually, yes you do! Ok, ready to remix the soundtrack.
That's my name on the screen. Chris Williams. Right-hand man. Checking sound levels.
Mic check. Having fun! Star Justin Zimmerman.
Doorway zombie, Jesse Zimmerman- Justin's little brother! Producer Mark Simms, Paul Nguyen and star Faruk Gumus. The first scene- preparations.
Co-star Elisa Cane. Paul giving directions. Jesse waiting around for the shoot to commence (this happened often!)
'Act scared!' Shooting in the darkened hallway. Navigating corners carefully.
Mike Ouchachov getting his make-up applied. Planning the initial assault. 3 second cue.

Posing like the statue of liberty! School caretaker walking by. Behind-the-scenes camera operator.

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