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Zombie Killers

Documentary Pics 2

The Zombie Killer - Faruk Gumus

More still pictures from the Zombie Killers one-hour behind-the-scenes documentary video. Please wait, while page loads.

Planning shots for the cafeteria battle scene. Breaking the vending machine open for food! Justin being a clown. 'Hey look, I'm a horny green alien!'
Zombie extras waiting for the shoot to start. Justin 'pooing'! Yelling out instructions to the zombies.
Choreographing the confrontation. (Eating popcorn) 'Hmm, good movie!' Sukhvinder Manku, the Super zombie.
'Look at my eyes. I haven't slept in days!' The secret 'sauce' used for most blood splatters. Director and star sharing ideas.
Okay, enough shooting behind-the-scenes!. Crew walking back to base camp to preview materials. Paul Nguyen.
Faruk trying to get 'emotional' for the scene. Sniffing pepper! Let's shoot more action.
'Eh yo, I'm Faruk's stunt double!' Made-up zombie that were never used. Caretaking staff watching on as they take their break. Crew complications.


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