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Zombie Killers

Film Synopsis

The Zombie Killer - Faruk Gumus

“Three best friends seek refuge in an abandoned school
amidst a post-apocalyptic world overrun by bloodthirsty zombies.

Best friends Justin and Faruk scour their zombie-infested city for a safe hiding
place for shelter and supplies. Faruk’s girlfriend, Helen, has already been bitten
by one of the undead, so he must face the realization that killing her is the only
right option. They decide that the perfect place to hold up would be in the local
high school, since it would have all the provisions they desperately need.

They set up a quasi-base camp of operations in one of the school’s “safe rooms”,
while they prepare to explore the rest of the area for food and medical kits. Justin
and Faruk leave Helen behind, as they go on a dangerous quest for these items. Armed with only “primitive” weapons, like wooden shafts and the leg of a table, Justin and Faruk must battle many vicious zombies lurking around throughout various areas of the school.

Their first priority is to locate food and return it to base. They discover a
vending machine still stocked with eatable goods but the place is crawling with
hoards of the zombie threat. They must fight the zombies head on in order to
retrieve the food.

Justin and Faruk return to their base, only to find out that Helen has gone missing.
Their new mission is to now mount a frantic rescue search for Helen and save her
before she completely becomes one of the undead.


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